Ecologically Engineered. Mindfully Maintained.

"The garden is our introduction that leads us to the vision of the whole of nature." -Alan Chadwick

We design, install and maintain residential and commercial organic gardens and water features in and near Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, CA. Our organic gardens are designed to be both visually stunning and spiritually engaging. By integrating the best of Santa Cruz craftsmanship and innovative, holistic design, we create outdoor living spaces chock full of functional features such as accessible kitchen gardens, welcoming front gardens, and immersive walkways. We implement the vision of our landscape designers and clients with sustainability in mind.  We work meticulously and efficiently to achieve this end, and have won many awards for our labor of love.

Pictures tell a thousand words. To learn how Christiansen Associates Gardens and Design takes gardening to a superior level, please visit the photo galleries below. You can use the arrows below to scroll, or view the large images in the Landscape Gallery here, the Water Features Gallery here, and the Hardscape Gallery here